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There's long time ago I asked to a stylish man from Chictopia, Francesco, if he wanted to make an interview for my blog He said yes and answered to my questions with a big kindness.
There is something feminine, poetic, and deep in the way he dress and when I say that fashion and style are big art, I think of people like Francesco. I love artists ! (and yes they love me too...:)

Now that you know my love for Francesco, let's start the itw.
I am so sorry I took so much time to publish it but here we are !
Enjoy !

La Nomade : Hi Francesco ! First of all I love your style and you know it, right !
So, can you tell us a little about you ?

Francesco : I'm a 2X Italian guy currently living in Florence. I attended the Academy of Fine Arts and I do love painting and photography. Then I studied to become a teacher, that's what I'm doing since last September. I love arts, and I consider fashion one of its forms.

LN : What brings you your job ?

F : That's curious, I started thinking about teaching when I lived in France for a while and attending the Academy of Fine Arts there. I liked the method of some French teachers, that was somehow pretty different than the Italian ones. Not worst or best, just different. So I started to think about becoming a teacher that could create his own method and style, a sort of mix beetwen the French and the Italian one, beetween rules and freedom I guess. I hope I could inspire young people as other teachers did to me; It's very hard, but I want to try it!

LN : Why have you choose to put your daily style on Chictopia ? What brings it you to share it ?

F : This is a bit strange too! I think I knew Chictopia just for a while, and in that period I was working about my very last graduation project. It was about Fashion Photography and how it could be inspiring for young high schools students who sometimes lack creativity and interest in what surrounds them. The work itself was the project I would have later proposed to my fictional students (but I even tried it, or better a part of it, on real ones during my very first job some months ago!), and I tested it even on myself, I lived it. So I took some pictures of me wearing some of my fave outfits and I did that too with some friends of mine. So I was like "I have some pictures of me, why don't you post them on Chictopia and see how it ends?"...and that's what I did!
Then I started to love the community a lot, I liked the fact that I could share fashion ideas and see lots of inspiring people; beside this lots of Chictopians are very kind, deep and sensitive people! I think Chictopia helped me to grow-up, not only in fashion or style. That's why I keep sharing my pictures.

LN : What are your inspirations in your job and fashion ?

F : In job, as I said, some of the teachers I met through my life as a student. About fashion... I have no idea, I don't think I follow some particular ones, that doesn't avoid me to adore someone's style. I think my style is pretty classic, with some little twists, not that sensational!

LN : Is style about fashion for you ?

F : I think that there are lots of people who aren't into fashion but have great style. But, unfortunately, there are also lots of people who are into fashion but haven't style! :P

LN : YOu're so true... Have you any icon or model ?

F : Uhm...I adore Vivienne Westwood. Even if the style of the MAN she proposes is pretty far from my own one, I really like her work. Both male and female. I like the work she's been doing all over these years. I think she made her own personal world, she created some statements but she always tries to be new and sensational. Maybe if I could have more money I'd buy more of her clothes! I also like Brandon Flowers' style. Some people on Chictopia, but also in real life, said that I looked like him (not my face I guess ahah), that was a huge compliment for me. He's a rock star but he is able to explore fashion very easily. And I love also the style of some fashion bloggers and Chitopians, I sometimes envy them because they're younger than me so they could take more risks than I could do now ahah !

Dressed up...
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

LN : Have you some projects you can talk about ?

F : Nothing special, right now I'm working a lot as a teacher and I started to translate some comics for an Italian publishing company. So I just haven't so much time to think about anything else, even if I secretly wish for that. I think I'm going back to my hometown for a while this summer, and I'd love to spend most of my time painting.

LN : What is your last fashion purchase ? And why this piece ?
F : My very recent purchase...are two Vivienne Westwood t-shirts!! I bought them on ebay and I love them so much! I think that WHY is pretty clear by my previous answer! lol

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

LN : Now the crazy questions… Which question would you like me to ask you ?

F : Do girls love your style?

LN : And the answer would be…?

F : Apparently not. lol I mean, there are very-very kind girls on Chictopia who made me LOTS of compliments, also in real life some friends do that from time to time, but I'm currently single-no-girlfriend-dating-no-one lol Sometimes I wonder if my style may be a problem, I remember I found a comment on twitter with a link to my Chicblog that said something like: "I couldn't date a guy who has more style than me". I was the one scared by that! lol

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LN : What are you fond about ?

F : Lots of things I guess. Beer, chips, cheeseburgers... I named only food lol It's because things like painting, taking pictures and such are more than that for me. Beside this, since I moved to Florence last September I think lots of things changed and are costantly changing, so I'm discovering me again, starting to appreciate some things, more than others. I will keep you updated :)

LN : A last word ?

F : I need to thank you!! Merci beaucoup, j'étais vraiment content quand tu m'as demandé ça! It's the very first interview I'm doing since I subscribed to Chictopia, that means a lot! I hope the interview wasn't that boring! lol And I thank also all the lovely Chictopians I met in the last year. I do think my style is not that great, so I'm always more than flattered by things like...this interview! Encore merci! And good luck with your blog!!

I so love this interview and once again I'm so sorry I took so much time to put it on the
(J'espère que tu me pardonnera un jour Francesco !!)

And you guys, did you liked it ?

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